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Assess Tattoo

Learning more about your tattoo  helps us give you realistic removal expectations, understand your story, and hone in on your laser tattoo removal goals.

First we'll take some photos of your tattoo(s) and examine them for any pre-existing scar tissue, hypopigmentation, or other signs of aging.

Next we'll ask you some questions about your tattoo history:

  • How old is your tattoo? 

  • Where did you get it done (in a shop, at a house, abroad, etc.) ?

  • Would you like to share your tattoo story with us?

  • What is your removal goal? Why now?

  • Did you have any issues healing (scarring, irritation, infection)? 

  • Any special or unusual materials such as : white ink, made-to- fade ink, UV ink, graphite, etc. ?

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