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 Technician Agenda

What to Expect
in the Treatment Room

1. Introduce the client to the space

  • Instruct clients to put their belongings in the designated area, including cell phone 

  • Position client in treatment chair.  Hold the chair while they get on.  

  • Set ring light next to the chair, if it’s not on the iPad *

  • Don gloves 

2. Prep the skin & ask Pre-Treatment Intake Questions 

  • Wipe the skin with alcohol 

  • Inspect the tattoo 

  • Take photo (keep the iPad in your hand and proceed to next step) 

  • Verify with client tattoo being treated via the iPad photo.  

  • Put the covered ice pack on the tattoo (2-5 minutes WHILE we do the following steps): (client can hold the ice so you have your hands free.) 

    •  Pick up the iPad and get to treatment record in Zenoti

    •  Check with client on healing from last treatment 

    •  Ask and input intake questions in the Treatment Record form

    • Have the client sign off on their intake question responses

  • Check prep and set laser with appropriate settings.  

  •  Remove Ice 

  • Verify tattoo being treated verbally (immediately before treating even if it’s only one tattoo.) 

3. Laser Treatment

  • Perform required test spots

    • Take test spot photo

  • Treat! Pew Pew Pew!  

  • Pick up iPad 

    • Take after photo immediately following treatment

4. Post Treatment + Aftercare

  • Apply Ice to treatment area 2-5 minutes while you complete the following: 

  • Pick up iPad 

    •  Input settings

    • Notes 

    •  Next treatment idea 

    •  After photo 

    •  Upload all photos 

  • Remove ice.

  • Talk through aftercare and expected treatment responses.  

  • Walk client to the front desk to get rescheduled

  • Turn over treatment room

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