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 Consultation Agenda

What to Expect

Review tattoo history...

  • How old is your tattoo

  • Where did you get it done (in a shop, at a house, abroad, etc.) ?

  • Did you have any issues healing (scarring, irritation, infection)? 

  • Any special or unusual materials such as : white ink, made-to- fade ink, UV ink, graphite, etc. ?

  • Would you like to share your tattoo story with us?

  • Use our size guide to calculate tattoo(s) size category

  • Establish fading vs complete removal goals to determine best package option

  • Price + payment plan options

4. Treatment Plan Begins

  • Get started same day 🥳

    • XXS to Medium Sizes take 15 minutes on average

    • Large to Custom Sizes take 30 minutes on average

  • Receive Aftercare instructions & book your next visit in!

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