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 Consultation Agenda

Cosmetic Ink 

1. Assess Cosmetic Tattoo 

Review cosmetic tattoo history...

  • How old is your tattoo

  • Did you get this procedure multiple times? (touch ups, color corrections, etc.)

  • Where did you get it done (at a microblading studio, at a house, abroad, etc.) ?

  • Did you have any issues healing (scarring, irritation, infection)? 

  • Any special materials such as white ink, flesh tone ink, other colors ?

  • Picoway Laser Technology

  • First Treatment + Aftercare

  • Consider any external factors (health, age, ink color, placement on the body, etc.)

  • Review some examples of our work

  • Answer any additional questions you may have 

3. Treatment Plan Begins

  • Get started same day 🥳

    • Test Spot Required

    • Full Treatment preformed 5 minutes post test spot

      • Brows typically take ~10 seconds per brow​

  • Receive Aftercare instructions & book your next visit in!

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