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The Sun

Palm Trees and Faded Sky


  • Melanin is what gives your hair, skin, and eyes color.

  • Your body defends itself against UV rays by activating the cells (melanocytes) that produce melanin which causes a tan.

  • If the melanocytes are active from tanning at the time of your appointment, they can be damaged by higher energy treatments causing them to overproduce (dark spots) or underproduce (white spots) melanin.

  • Eumelanin is a type of melanin that gives your skin the brown/bronzed tan look. Everyone has different levels of this type of melanin which is why some people can tan better than others.

  • Extra eumelanin, from tanning, will compete with the pigment in your unwanted tattoo and slow removal down.

  • Keeping your tattoo out of the sun will ensure the safest and fastest removal possible.

Glow Guide

​Natural Tans:

If you have a sun tan today, we've got you covered!  At your first treatment, we'll utilize our proprietary summer settings to ensure a safe and effective treatment. 

Going forward, keeping your tattoo out of the sun 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after is the best way to ensure the most effective treatment possible. 

Sunless Tans:

While sunless tanners don't impact the melanin in your skin the artificial bronze color will compete with the pigment in your tattoo for the laser's energy. We need to wait 2 weeks after you last sunless tan to do a treatment. 

Shaded From Sun
Palm Trees Beach View

Tattoo Protection=Fun in the Sun

Don't use just any sunscreen

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Ignore the SPF, check the Ingredients. Look for a minimum of 20% Zinc Oxide

Follow the directions

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Apply generously and often, making sure you cover the entire tattoo. For small tattoos a sun screen stick works great!

Don't Want to Reapply? 

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Try covering the tattoo with waterproof cushion tape or a large band-aid. 

physical activity in the sun:

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kinesiology tape is an elastic tape used by athletes. It's a great option when playing sports or exercising outdoors. 

Tropical Sunset

We LOVE tan lines!

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